Just the other day, in the valley, you arrived,

It seemed usual, didn’t expect anything,

As people come and go,

I felt that the norm will be as usual

Little did I know, we could “bond “

Beyond all I could ever imagine.


I didn’t know that maybe someday,

This could lead to something,

Greater than friendship, all I had expected,

A four-letter word ….L.O.V.E

That bind two souls together,

Despite all the differences,

Again I say, I never imagined

It could lead to something.


Day in, day out,

The bond gets stronger and stronger,

Atimes I feel like,

Without you, my days could be boring

You’ve always cheered me up,

And reminded me that,

After the night, with the moon and the stars

The sun will rise when the morning come.



Every day,

I always reminded myself that,

Self-love is the beginning of love,

But with you, I got the meaning of love,

Being in love and falling in love,

That’s was already fading in my mind

And disappearing in my life.


I took me ages to decide,

It was worth the wait,

“Disappointments” in my mind

And “acceptance” in my heart

The two fought for long

But they say “time is the solution”

The answer for everything”


Your time was ticking, same as mine

But from the look, you thought

“She’s taking too much time “

But with everything,

Sunset comes after sunrise.

The rest is untold,

For everything unfolded in inexplained manner,

Here we are,

Across the tidal sea, we shall cross.  …………….


We love

Life is uncertain, so is love.

Death is certain

And unlike love,

We will live to see the end.

Arise above the illusions of miracles

And beyond the confinements of incapabilities,

Walk fast and hard for success is luck; not a necessity of life

We must die

But we must not love.

A broken heart is not a broken soul

For hearts and not souls are mended.

Entry to life can be defined

But let no one define your exit .

Excite all whenever possible but importantly,

Invite your soul to independence

Write your name in the valley of hardwork

For they will shout it atop the hills success across

My walls of clay

You asked if there is a way I can leave my camera during charity missions.

If there is a way to aid needy souls without broadcasting.

My answer is yes.

Yes, I can make charity massive and not for the masses.

But I just can’t

For my walls of clay are keen on praises

They tend to shine whenever I trend.

So, for as long as my clay matter have not decayed, and the spirit within my walls of clay is alive

The camera will click whenever I feel charitable.

I’ve seen day turn into night,

Watched Darkness fade into day.

I’ve seen misfortunes become fortunes,

And witnessed shame turn into fame.

But never have I seen an elevator to success.

I saw a man leave his family,

And heard of a homeless child.

I saw life slip through someone lips,

And cried whenever grieve catched up with us.

But at no point had God missed my call.

He is always on His favourite spot waiting.

And like an eagle’s plummage, his grace and Godliness is ready to soar us high.

Test of time

One day, time will be done testing us.

Somehow, the test will be over.

And when it does,

Time will reward us accordingly.

When it’s done testing our patience,

Doors of success will open.

We will never weep again

No whip will whip us again

Instead, we will wine and dine in the vines of time

One day, life will prove our endurance.

Deem us suitable and deserving,

The suitors of destiny.

The unending test of time will be turned into a testimony of breakthroughs.

We will conquer the fears and sheers of life.

No mystery will be left so miserable

We will become desirable

Yes, lifetime conquerers and heirs of prosperity

One day, we will overcome the test of time

The scale of life

Because those pleas will never please.

The blames in their entirety give no fame

To dare is to win

And Through persistence and consistency,

That door will open.

As successfully as theirs,

Your success will be granted

At its oppurtune hour,

Your alarm to delight and peace will beckon.

Tik tok, the hour of reckoning.

For life is a calibrated scale that measures the purity of hearts


Once again, we will waive obscurity,

And immediately rekindle strength,

We will run; run from love and joy slayers.

Talk about them all day,

The loved Scandinavian folklore.

Tell our solitude in a soliloquy

The ways of a broken heart.

Then wait for a day of the rising sun.

The heart hurts

They said the heart wants what it wants.

Early morning I gave the heart its desires

At noon, the heart glowed in peace and satisfaction.

Towards evening, the desires depleted and some went missing.

At dusk, the heart lacked and it hurt.

It had what it wanted but still, the heart ached

The walk of life

Advisably, never walk alone.

“We all need a shoulder to lean on” – they say.

But sometimes we might forget and lean too much on these shoulders.

We become so reliant on them that we entrust them with our hope, happiness, love and all affections.

Its comforting I know, to have a sanctuary to run to during turbulence.

However, our genuinity and humanity can become avenues for our own sorrows.

We might just expose our weaknesses in the believe that “we are all human”

And the moment the shoulder identify where you are weak the most,

Believe me, they will hit hard.

That shoulder is not fixed there to support you.

Sometimes, they leave at the most critical moment of your life.

Leaving you devastated and damaged

Wishing that you walked alone right from the start

And that you never found that shoulder to lean On.

Just be keen on the pillow you decide to lay your head on.