Once again, we will waive obscurity,

And immediately rekindle strength,

We will run; run from love and joy slayers.

Talk about them all day,

The loved Scandinavian folklore.

Tell our solitude in a soliloquy

The ways of a broken heart.

Then wait for a day of the rising sun.


The heart hurts

They said the heart wants what it wants.

Early morning I gave the heart its desires

At noon, the heart glowed in peace and satisfaction.

Towards evening, the desires depleted and some went missing.

At dusk, the heart lacked and it hurt.

It had what it wanted but still, the heart ached

The walk of life

Advisably, never walk alone.

“We all need a shoulder to lean on” – they say.

But sometimes we might forget and lean too much on these shoulders.

We become so reliant on them that we entrust them with our hope, happiness, love and all affections.

Its comforting I know, to have a sanctuary to run to during turbulence.

However, our genuinity and humanity can become avenues for our own sorrows.

We might just expose our weaknesses in the believe that “we are all human”

And the moment the shoulder identify where you are weak the most,

Believe me, they will hit hard.

That shoulder is not fixed there to support you.

Sometimes, they leave at the most critical moment of your life.

Leaving you devastated and damaged

Wishing that you walked alone right from the start

And that you never found that shoulder to lean On.

Just be keen on the pillow you decide to lay your head on.





The budded flowers

In the flower garden,

We all sprout to shoot

And from the ground,

The yet to bud plants rose.

At maturity, the whole garden budded

And from it, a scent so meticulous and sight so scenic aroused.

Though scenic and adorable,

Not all plants flowered.

Well, some budded earlier than others

Some produced unpleasant flowers; both smell and color.

Some bothered not to bud,

Enclosed and dull they remained.

But once it was evening,

The gardener tendered them all.

Sprinkled water evenly on the whole garden

While those that budded glittered in the evening light,

The unbudded ones waited for their chance.

Perhaps tomorrow morning, or maybe never at all.




The rich want,

the poor; want more.

At the gate of supplies, they all scramble to quench their want’s thirst.

Materialistic we all are

Never satisfied even at points of surplus.

We need to want each other, but

our individualism often outweighs our being.

Human it is,

A creature social of all those ever created.

Kept on the garden in pairs by its owner, to accompany each other

Why the despise all over sudden?

The garden is our home,

and in it, lives your brethren

Whether ‘have it’ or ‘have it not’,

we want each other.

Humanity first, materials follows.






My fountain of peace and love

Its hidden deep inside

There where no destroyer accesses

From it oozes the very happiness of my soul.

A breeze so cool it provides,

To soothe my weary and exhausted being

That’s my fountain of peace.

It provides love this fountain,

Love so dear and special to me and my course

That’s why I shivers at the thought of its disappearance

I better never loose this fountain

For with it, I believe in every course whatsoever

May it never find a new bearer for I believe I am best suited

But if it deems otherwise,

We, I will swallow my pride and watch the fountain change course

For I know that the swelling will soon subside


Love in Limbo

A day is soon coming

When you will wake up to find my spot is empty

And in it, a glaring hollowness stares back

A day is coming

When you will wish that i ask you about your day

But instead, all I do is stay back and watch the trees sway in the wind

And as if in a comma, unperturbed, I will fix my eyes on my life

Not glancing sideways even to those who matter

Because as it is, we only matter to ourselves

No matter how hard you try,

They will never afford your love my brother.

Sometimes you better do the limbo dance

Rather than valuing love that is in limbo

That’s ain’t love!!!



You are a star,
A star on the start of my world,
Yes the sphere of love,
The one we built from that summer meeting.
You only radiate my own circumference
And from one end to the other,
You shine in my life.
You are a star ,you are a star.

I know how you care
Tenderly with tentacles of love spreading
And every moment we are together,
You drain me sanity.
It amazes me how you paint
With your warm winter cuddles.
Probably i got lost long on the way
And every time you shine,
Your tall tender and brown body freaks me out
No matter being winter,you will always shine
For you are a star.

You are my frontier
Back from that night kiss
The night when the moon led our way to church
And as if from a party night,
Our love set pace back then.
But still deep inside,
The love burns and glows
For you are a star,you are my star.


Simple is how a day is made
Coupled hours effortlessly sum up to,
They pass with tickling evidence
Never stopping at a full round
But in it,
A heart was broken.

The love,
It made a soul proud
And trust was all it breathed
Whilst loyalty was all it smelt.
Fumbled in silvers,
I received my dungeon ticket in a minute
Not withstanding my agony,
It ticked past my fell off.

You fly with fishes,
Always turning my tripples into loud bangs
And with them,joy is kept in tenses
In disgrace and blasphemy,
They gigle in shifts
And now,your day got teeth.


Bring up the sun

Let the nature’s tranquility take charge

And as the rays lighten up the cascading dusk

do not open the heart of memories

for it has dawned in paradise.

The hills across,

They attest to your beauty and fragrance.

The dawn you are,

Itself is captivating.

Making me sleepless

As I yearn for a dawn in paradise

So that I may see the paradise in you